Monday, April 18, 2011

We have a tooth!!

Hi all, just a quick blog to let u know Victoria got her 1st tooth late last week, how exciting!!  It's on the bottom, middle right (her right), and very cute.  The best bit was she didn't seem to upset by it when it was on the way, and still slept all night, such a good princess.  And another 1st, when she woke after her morning nap today she was dry so I decided to put her on the potty and see what happens............she did a number 1 & 2, I couldn't believe it and started dancing around with Charlotte all excited, LOL, Victoria looked at us like we were on drugs :) 
Hope all is well in Oz, must be getting cool now :( Can't wait for our next visitor at the end of the week, HURRY UP BREE!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is here!!

Hi everyone, well spring is here in Virginia Beach, the flowers are popping out everywhere.  We have planted our veggies and herbs in the garden, now we just need to figure out how to keep the squirrels away, they used to be cute, now they are pests eating my veggies!!  Charlotte came out with the quote of the year when we were out planting......"Are we going to plant CHIPS too??"  See what happens when you move to America!!  Charlotte has also planted some flowers in pots to watch them grow, everyday I get "is there flowers yet mummy??" I'm starting to think it was a bad idea :)
Victoria is sitting up now and has been for a few weeks, and is so happy with the better view, it's so much easier to watch Charlotte run around when your sitting up!!  And she is eating lots of solids, I can't keep up with the cooking!!

 Ted spent a week in Hawaii last week (such a hard life) and I survived at home with the girls alone, with surprisingly only 1 beer!! I was however a little preoccupied designing my new blog, it's a scrapbooking thing so don't feel you have to look. I was very impressed with the name we came up with....., read it as you wish....... Seymour Scrap or Seymours Crap, I bet you can guess which one Ted calls it!!
We also attended Charlotte's first concert at Preschool, it was a spring theme, so they all dressed up as either frogs or ducks and sang songs, well everyone except Charlotte sang, she stood with her hands in her mouth smiling at Ted and I!!!  It was so cute,  hopefully next time she actually participates in the concert.

Thought I would also include these photos I took of Victoria showing me how she can put her foot in her mouth, Charlotte felt left out, so she had to have a go and get her photo taken too!!  I love the look on Victoria's face, it's like 'What??'