Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Victoria's 1st Birthday

Ok, so I'm going to jump ahead a bit from our trip to Victoria's Birthday.  We had a busy week last week, with Dad arriving and lots of cooking and baking to do before the party on Saturday.  Friday was her actual birthday but we had a pretty quite day, just a few presents from us and Nanna & Poppy Shocker, Nana & Pop and Uncle Mike. 

Blowing out the candles (or shall I say spitting on the candles!!)

Gifts from Mummy, Daddy & Charlotte, and a Table & chairs from the "Shockers"

Cheeky smiles :)

The party turned out great, we had lots of people here, a mix of Aussie and American friends.  We decided to make the party as Aussie as we could and made Koala and Wombat cupcakes, plus a massive cupcake with a Koala jumping out the top!!  Sausage rolls were also a hit, but can you believe we forgot to make the fairy bread!!!  Anyway we all had a great time!!  Here are some photos :)

The BIG cupcake!!

 and again.

The Wombat Army.

Koala cupcakes.

Victoria loving the attention!!

Yum, cake!!

NO!! Don't give him any, just because his my boyfriend, doesn't mean I have to share :)

Yeah, these don't taste as good as the cake :(

 Just like my sister, I'm good at posing!!

Interesting games with the balloons :)

And yes, my eyes are still BLUE, hopefully they stay that way :)

Just to top off the weekend we took the girls to see Disney on Ice on Sunday. OMG, I have never seen Charlotte sit still and quite for so long :)  It was amazing!!