Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Victoria's 1st Birthday

Ok, so I'm going to jump ahead a bit from our trip to Victoria's Birthday.  We had a busy week last week, with Dad arriving and lots of cooking and baking to do before the party on Saturday.  Friday was her actual birthday but we had a pretty quite day, just a few presents from us and Nanna & Poppy Shocker, Nana & Pop and Uncle Mike. 

Blowing out the candles (or shall I say spitting on the candles!!)

Gifts from Mummy, Daddy & Charlotte, and a Table & chairs from the "Shockers"

Cheeky smiles :)

The party turned out great, we had lots of people here, a mix of Aussie and American friends.  We decided to make the party as Aussie as we could and made Koala and Wombat cupcakes, plus a massive cupcake with a Koala jumping out the top!!  Sausage rolls were also a hit, but can you believe we forgot to make the fairy bread!!!  Anyway we all had a great time!!  Here are some photos :)

The BIG cupcake!!

 and again.

The Wombat Army.

Koala cupcakes.

Victoria loving the attention!!

Yum, cake!!

NO!! Don't give him any, just because his my boyfriend, doesn't mean I have to share :)

Yeah, these don't taste as good as the cake :(

 Just like my sister, I'm good at posing!!

Interesting games with the balloons :)

And yes, my eyes are still BLUE, hopefully they stay that way :)

Just to top off the weekend we took the girls to see Disney on Ice on Sunday. OMG, I have never seen Charlotte sit still and quite for so long :)  It was amazing!!


  1. Oh WOW!!!!! How clever are you.....those cakes look amazing!!! Victoria sure looks like she had a great day with all of her friends!
    So wish we could have been there to celebrate!!!!xxxx

  2. Awesome!!!! Cakes turned out sooo good! Looks like you all had such a great time! The photo of miss Victoria in high chair eating cake reminds me of one we have of Charlotte on her 1st bday! Actually wait they are all just Like Charlotte!! Hahah
    Wish we could have been there! I can't believe she is 1 already!!
    Hurry up and come home!

  3. Haha.... Will fix our name/ Poor Aimee ( still waggle)