Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charlotte's 4th Birthday!!

So Charlotte turned 4 last week, we can not believe how quickly time has gone by.  She couldn't make up her mind with regards to the theme for the party so we ended up with a "Cowgirl Princess" theme!! Anyway, she had a ball running around the house with her friends (it was raining all day), and I think the adults had a good time too, we did enjoy a few drinks :)

So here are the photos.....

These are some of Charlotte's friends (L to R) John, Hadley, Cate, Carys, Matilda, Grace and Charlotte.  All the kids got dressed up in their boots and hats or dresses, even some of the adults came in fancy dress!!

Singing Happy Birthday :)

The Princess Cowgirl Cake!! And of course some chocolate crackles in the background.

I think Victoria was a little upset that she finished her cupcake already!!

And after everybody had gone home, Victoria made her self at home!!! Took her clothes off and put Charlotte's hat on, with a dummy of course :)

And this is the Princess Cowgirl herself!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

Jenn :)