Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charlotte's 4th Birthday!!

So Charlotte turned 4 last week, we can not believe how quickly time has gone by.  She couldn't make up her mind with regards to the theme for the party so we ended up with a "Cowgirl Princess" theme!! Anyway, she had a ball running around the house with her friends (it was raining all day), and I think the adults had a good time too, we did enjoy a few drinks :)

So here are the photos.....

These are some of Charlotte's friends (L to R) John, Hadley, Cate, Carys, Matilda, Grace and Charlotte.  All the kids got dressed up in their boots and hats or dresses, even some of the adults came in fancy dress!!

Singing Happy Birthday :)

The Princess Cowgirl Cake!! And of course some chocolate crackles in the background.

I think Victoria was a little upset that she finished her cupcake already!!

And after everybody had gone home, Victoria made her self at home!!! Took her clothes off and put Charlotte's hat on, with a dummy of course :)

And this is the Princess Cowgirl herself!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

Jenn :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Just a quick post to let everyone know I will eventually update this blog again, I've been having issues with a laptop that is completely full! Hence I can't put any photos onto it :) I think we got it all transferred to the hard drive last night so hopefully I will be able to post some photos again soon :) This week is Charlotte's 4th birthday so standby for a lot of princess shots!
Also for those we have not spoken to we will be returning to Australia in late July to start back at work in early August. Can't believe how quickly 2 years has gone by!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dad's Visit and the North East Trip (Oct 2011)

Wow!! It's been over 3 months since I posted anything, I'm very slack I know, but we were very busy enjoying some visitors over the Xmas break.  Lots has happened so lets see if I can do a quick catch up!!

Dad was here for some of October and we did a big trip up North, stopping at Philadelphia, Boston and New York City.  A few big days driving in the car (me squished in the back with the girls most of the time), but lots of fun.  For the first time we headed over (and under) the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel, apparently it is the longest bridge tunnel in the world, such a great idea with all the aircraft carriers comming and going :)

First stop was Philadelphia where we did some American history.....we saw the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall where the Constitution was signed, and of course had a Philly cheese steak for lunch, YUM!! Plus lots more.

Check out the line to get into the Liberty Bell, thankfully it didn't take too long :)

Next stop was Boston, what a great place!! Again a lot of American history, we did a walk through the city called the freedom trail, it took us a lot longer than they suggest (stopping to feed small children and change them etc takes time!!), but it was a great day.  We even managed to use the metro in and out of the city, the girls loved that :)  One of the first stops on the walk was Boston Common, and there was the best duck statue in the park, apparently the lady that made it wanted it to be fun for kids, I think Charlotte approved, she didn't want to leave at all :)

We also saw some real ducks and swans in the pond, check out how close I got for someone who is not a fan!!

And look they started fighting, told you birds are evil :)

Anyway, moving on we saw lots of stuff like the Boston State House and the Old State House, the site of the Boston Massacre, Quincy Markets and of course Old Ironsides (USS Constitution).  Can you believe they still take her to sea, glad I'm not posted there, I thought Navy ships these days were bad enough!!

And here is a shot of the girls having a play in the park after a big day walking (or being pushed in the stroller!!)

Day 2 in Boston we did a tour of Harvard University, so interesting.  The tour guide we had was pretty funny and had lots of interesting little stories for us, plus she didn't seem to mind the crazy kids in the group :)  After lunch we headed back into the city to the childrens museum, thought after all the history lessons we should let the girls play!!

So after Boston, we were off to New York City, and after an interesting drive, straight through the middle of Manhattan on 34th street we finally made it to our hotel in New Jersey.  We tried to see a few different things this time, and also braved the subway (it was actually ok, a little interesting with a stroller but ok).  So we got to Grand Central Station, the United Nations Building, did a ride in a horse and carriage through Central Park, walked down Wall st, saw the Brooklyn Bridge and lots more.  Ted an I also got a night off and had dinner child free while Dad looked after the sleeping girls, Thanks again Dad, it was a great night :)

So after a long drive home from NYC we were back in Virginia Beach.  All in all we added another 7 states to the list of "we have been there states", (plus we got to see a little more of New York State).  Maryland, Pennsylvina, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachuttes, Rhode Island and Connecticut all done!!

After Dad went home we had a few weeks before Mum arrived, but before that was Halloween, what an awesome party....check out the photos!!

Thats about all I have time for tonight, next up will be Mum's visit!! :)