Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We have US visas!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Well the last 2 weeks have flown by, we are feeling a little unorganised. It is unbelievable how much admin has to be done to move the entire family to another country!!! I think we are slowly getting there. Both cars are now up for Sale :( So if anyone knows anyone who wants a Nissan X-Trail or Honda Accord Euro let me know!!! We have also attempted to tell the removalist what we want to take and whats staying here (I'm positive I have forgotten something). In the process we found a few things that aren't worth keeping at all so the old council pick up is organised.
On top of all this I'm getting fatter by the second, and Budd is starting to kick alot. I remember Charlotte moving but this is crazy, sometimes it feels like they are running non stop. I shouldn't really be suprised, Charlotte never stops running either at the moment. Yesterday we went to visit Great Nanna McBride on the train and I think after spending the day with her she was more worn out than both of us, I think she would have slept well!!!! Lets just say Charlotte kept her busy with the constant running around. I was happy to have a few minutes peace when missy fell asleep on the train going home.
Well better get back to work, busy day ahead!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

While Charlotte is busy watching the fairies (her fav DVD) I thought I would get our blog up to speed :)

We now have passports and I am in the process of getting Visa's (the forms for these are not fun!!). We also have flights booked, even if they booked the wrong ones :) I went to the trouble of telling them everything down to the flight numbers and they still got it wrong!! Anyway, we will depart Sydney on Monday 21st June 2010 for LA. Staying 3 nights there before moving on to Norfolk on the 24th. We then have a month in a serviced appartment to find our house for the next 2 years.

Back at home we have said goodbye to our 2 beautiful Labs. Lexie is living it up in Toorak, in Melbourne. (For those of u that don't know Toorak is one of the very wealthy suburbs of Melbourne). She has been adopted by a great couple, Jan & Ian. They manage the MYER family home and live there, u can only imagine how nice it is!!!! She will definately live up to her nickname of 'Princess' :)

Hector has been adopted by a family in Bellevue Hill in Sydney (again one of Sydney's very wealthy suburbs). Emma and Andrew have 3 children (Charlotte 12, Annabel 10 and Will 7) and 1 Lab already (Ellie), so they will definately have their hands full!!! He had a great time when we took him to visit, running around with Ellie (I think he missed Lexie as much as I do!!). I think he will be very happy there :)

Charlotte is doing well, potty training is so much fun.....NOT!!! She is forever singing songs from Daycare or her favourite Fairies DVD. She keeps telling us she is moving to America, not sure that she really understands though, yesterday we were going to get there via a Sydney Bus!! Might take a while :)

Baby Budd (aka #2) is growing.....tomorrow we are 20 weeks, can u believe thats 1/2 way?? It's gone pretty quick so far. We had the 19 week ultrasound last week and all looks good, Charlotte even got to see her baby brother or sister on the TV, we ask her what it is and she changes her mind every minute (like most 2 yr olds).

Well thats going to be about it for the moment, Charlotte has just locked herself in her booster seat at the dining table, better go save her...........


Welcome to our new blog :)

Not much going on here, just setting up this blog and a new email to keep in touch while in Norfolk VA........trying to decide at the moment what to take and what to leave, how much vegemite do you think the Americans will let me take???

Hope you all enjoy