Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Welcome to our new blog :)

Not much going on here, just setting up this blog and a new email to keep in touch while in Norfolk VA........trying to decide at the moment what to take and what to leave, how much vegemite do you think the Americans will let me take???

Hope you all enjoy


  1. Hello, hello
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs! You should come to my presentation at the ICT Conference is all about BLOGS!!
    Love to you all, big kisses for our little miss Charlotte (and Baby Budd of course)

  2. BOO!!!!
    The more blogs that start the more i am thinking i should be doing one. haha
    MMM vegemite.... yummy! Pitty they wont sell it at walmart where you will frequent just like that email. Although i do hope you choose something a little nicer to wear!
    I dont want to recieve an updated version of the walmart email with you in it. Haha
    Harry says hello :) hbguiawgd
    MMMMWWWAAA to you charlotte ted and budd!
    P.S. I have Your Harrison James Post "Easter Edition" here will bring it with your tupperware nest weekend!
    (just a tad slow on the release of his newsletter.... i only sent everyones yesterday)