Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disneyland Photos (finally)

Ok, I know it's been a while, I'm busy doing things........hehe!! (I like going out for lunch every Tuesday and Thursday without Charlotte, it's quite and I can actually talk with whoever it is I'm at lunch with!!) Anyway, I finally decided to get some Disneyland shots on the blog, so here they are.
We had a great day, but could have spent so much more time at Disney. For all of the rides and to see all the characters you have to line up and sometimes the lines were pretty long!! It was a great day however and Charlotte had a ball, she got to see Snow White (her favourite), but we didn't get a photo cause Victoria was hungry and Ted had to stay with Charlotte. Can you believe Charlotte was shy??? You will notice in all the pics, either Ted or I are in the photo too as Charlotte was so shy she wouldn't talk to or stand with anybody!!
Since arriving back in Virginia Beach we have been busy getting Charlotte settled into Preschool, starting Victoria on solid food and planting our veggie garden ready for spring. At the moment all the trees are starting to flower and it looks great. We were unaware of a lot of plants around the area, as we have not yet seen spring here. Cherry blossoms seem to be very popular (and I love them) as do pansies and daffodils, also very pretty. The neighbours tell us there is a lot more to come!!
Anyway, hope it's starting to cool down in Oz, I went out without a jacket was about 15C or 60F, very nice :)

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