Friday, May 20, 2011

Photos by Rori :)

For those of you not on facebook I thought I should show you the professional photos we got done a few weeks ago, they are magic, we just love them so much!!!  Rori Dellinger was the photographer, a very sweet local lady here in Virginia Beach.  This is just a few and I have used those that Rori decreased in size (the originals are huge!!)  If anyone wants a copy of the originals to print some in better quality please let me know and I can organise it :)

I think Charlotte stole the show (as usual!!), she is one very pretty little girl, and she loves to pose, "CHEESE" :) 


  1. I love the latest shots; what a photogenic lot!

    They leave the screen shots for dead.

    Cannot wait to see all of the others.

  2. Any shots of the storm damage.

  3. Can you 'buy' some time to put up some photos of your recent trip.

    Love and kisses to all; just hugs for Ted.