Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The New House

Well we made it into our new house............finally :)

We got the keys on the 18th (hence no blog since then) and all our loan furntiure arrived on the 19th, I think we were both pretty happy with what we picked out, and it seems that it has all fitted in with plently of space. We are still waiting on a few things, like a sofa bed and dresser for the main bedroom, but nothing we can't live without. There is plently of room for visitors, and we have decked out the FROG (finished room over garage) with a bed for all those that come to stay.
The 20th we had delivery of all our goods from Australia, we had been told that somethings were damaged so were not looking forward to unpacking. Thankfully there was only one box that was damaged, and all of the contents survived!!! The only thing that broke was a wine glass that I smashed taking it out of the dishwasher later that day, oops :)
Since then we have spent a lot of time shopping to get things that we forgot, or electrical stuff that the furniture company pays for. Ted took a few photos of our 1st trip to Walmart (yes it is scary, but so cheap). All the stuff in the photo we got for about $250!! Crazy :)
Ted is very happy that the furniture company also provided him with a ride on lawn mower.........I'm just glad about the King size bed, all three of us fit (me, Ted and my body pillow!!!) I'm also very happy with the kitchen here, big and new and the oven is self cleaning, what more could a girl want???
As for Charlotte she has successfully spread her toys from one end of the house to the other, I need to buy her a toy box or something similar for her room, it's on my list :) She is loving her new bed, complete with Dora Duvet (bed spread), we have just put a side rail on the bed, as she has fallen out a few times, poor little princess, Mummy and Daddy only got her a single bed (for the last month in hotels and the appartment she got used to sleeping in a double!!)
We took Charlotte for a tour of the hospital were Baby Budd will be born. She had to take a dolly with her to learn how to put a diaper on (hehe, I mean nappy). We also saw the special room where the baby will be born and the room where mummy will stay over, as well as the special crib the baby will sleep in. The midwife talked to the kids about how they need to be quite when the baby is sleeping (yeah good luck) and how it is very important to wash your hands before touching the baby. I think Charlotte is starting to figure out that something is going on, when we got home she asked where the baby was..........I told her it wasn't cooked yet :)
My new OB practice here seems pretty good, I'm trying to see every doctor before Budd arrives as they take it in turns on call. Hopefully whoever it ends up being is good. Only about 8 1/2 weeks to go now, then we will be a family of 4!!! All the neighbours seem excited that there will be a new baby around..........most of their grandkids are 4 or 5, so the ladies are very excited!! As soon as we moved in, both the neighbours on either side and the ones across the road came over to say hi, and we got brownies, yum!!! Everyone is very friendly here.
Ted says work is pretty slow, he has been lucky enough to take a few hours off here and there to look after Charlotte while I go to dr's appointments and things. He got out for a game of golf on the weekend with the other Aussie's here, the boys played golf while the girls drank vodka, well those that could!! I am now able to get my personalised number plates, we were trying to think of Aussie words to use (max 7 letters), I think we should get 'SHELIA' on the Nissan & 'BLOKE' on the Stang :) One of the other Aussie families here already has 'AUS5IE' I might check for other combinations, please send any suggestions :)

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  1. Tickle time looks like fun.
    Love your reflection in the mirrored cabinet Jenn.That table will see lots of fun as family and friends gather round.