Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Washington DC - Pt 1

Sunday we headed off to Washington DC to do a few things, and after a very long day in the car, we finally arrived at about 8:30pm. Traffic was crazy.......the trip is about 210 miles, and it took us just over 5 hours!!! It's amazing how many accidents you can see on one trip, and everybody stops to look!! None were major, but enough to slow done 2-3 lanes to a stop, and it's not suprising, indicating when changing lanes here is not done very often. I have added a few photos from the car so you can see the size of the roads, can you believe that a lot of the highway (interstate) is 4-5 lanes, each way!! Charlotte was very comfortable with her new DVD player in the back, so thankfully she behaved.

Monday Ted had to drop in at the Australian Embassy to meet his new boss and a few other Aussie's and Admin people that work there. (I had to drop him off and for those of you that have seen the movie "The American President" with Annette Bening, I got stuck on Dupont Circle too!! Traffic in DC is mental, and very confusing. Later when I had to drive back to pick Ted up I was very happy with myself when I didn't get stuck on Dupont Circle!!) Ted was also very keen to get into the cellar. The Embassy has a cellar full of Australian wine and seeing we were not allowed to bring our own, we needed to stock up. I had my fingers crossed they had a stash of Cadbury chocolate, but no such luck :( Hence we came home with a boot, (sorry I meant trunk) full of Aussie beer and wine, thank goodness for the SUV. While Ted was busy "working" Charlotte and I did a spot of shopping, Ted was nice enough to book us into a hotel on top of a shopping center called the Chevy Chase Pavillion!! Shell the photo of Charlotte with the sunglasses is for you!!

After this we decided that driving was a bad idea, so we caught the Metro (subway) in towards the White House. Charlotte loved the Metro, as you can see by the photos. We managed to see the White House, the Washington Memorial, the Lincon Memorial and the Reflection Pool, as well as the World War II Memorial. We saw so much more in the distance but, as we only had half the day we ran out of time. Next time we will spend a lot more time looking around as it is one of the most impressive places either of us has seen.

After a big day walking (all 3 of us had blisters) we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The meals were massive and none of us finished our main meals so the "Cheesecake" I got to "takeout". Later after Charlotte was in bed Ted and I shared it and it was pretty good!!

Today (Tuesday) we spent the day picking out our furniture for the house. Some of what we got I really liked, and some was just ok, but it's only for the next 2 years so no dramas. We still have to go and buy appliances for the kitchen, and I will also need to get some new bits and pieces like sheets for Charlotte, some baby stuff, but that will be fun :) We had a much better trip back this afternoon (only just over 3 hours) and were all glad to be home (sounds funny saying that, but it is starting to feel a bit that way). Back to normal boring duties tomorrow like grocery shopping and being a house wife!!!

P.S. Blogger isn't letting me download the photos so ill try again later :(

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