Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas & the snow

We had a great day Christmas Day with some of the Aussie's here in Virginia Beach and Jason and Julie an American couple that are great friends. So much food, and a few very nice bottles of wine!! Unfortunately for me, Katie and Julie we were limited on how much nice wine we could have due to the joys of pregnancy and breast feeding :) Christmas afternoon here it started snowing (apparently the entire east coast of America got snow). Our friends Katie, JT and their bub Jayden were staying over the night but all the others went home early enough to not get caught in heavy snow. Christmas evening and all day boxing day the snow continued......(we got about 10 inches)so Katie & JT made the decision to stay over again as the roads were not the safest, and who knows what crazy drivers were out there.
About 4pm the boys were outside playing with Charlotte when we first smelt some fire then heard a massive bang. A branch in between our front yard and the neighbours place had fallen under the weight of the snow, onto the power lines!!! So the entire street was now without power and the temperature was under 0C. Thankfully the fantastic owners of our house have a generator in the garage, so we could get some things going again, like the fridge and a few lights, we also have a gas fireplace in the lounge room......it kept us kinda warm, well compared to outside!! The wire that was down out the front was live so the electricity company came out pretty quickly to fix it (2am that night if u call that quickly) but better than not at all :) It all made for a very interesting Xmas.
So as you can imagine with 10 inches of snow we got some great pictures, and as the snow is melting (very slowly, the temp today got to about 2C) the icicles hanging off the house are amazing. Charlotte has made 2 snow men so far, one here in the backyard and another up at the park. We have also had a bit of fun in the yard with the toboggan, we built a ramp, but there are too many trees in the way :( Our outdoor table became the best beer holder too!!
I have also attached some pics of Victoria and her boyfriend, Jayden.....we can't wait until next Xmas when they will be 15 and 16 months old, it's going to be a blast!!

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