Monday, January 17, 2011

January so far..

Well what can I say but I'm a slacker!!! It's been a while, Sorry :( It's not every Christmas holidays you have a husband at home to do things with, so the blog kinda took a back seat :)
So I'll start at NYE.......we went to a party at the New Aussies (Tony & Trina's) house (yep that's right we are NOT the "New Aussies" anymore, how exciting). We had lots of fun eating heaps of food and watching the boys play XBox 360. Lets just say if u want to laugh to the point of crying, just watch Ted play the hula hoop game!! I was crying it was the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Charlotte decided that she was big enough to stay awake (and I wasn't going to argue on NYE), but she only lasted till 2330........I swear she thinks she is 2 going on 20!! As u can imagine she was extremely grumpy for the 1st day of 2011 :)
A few days later we decided to take a few days out and head to the snow (everything here had melted and we were having withdrawals). So we booked a condo (like an apartment) at a place called Wintergreen. The condo over looked the ski fields, it was so close I could watch as Ted get off the ski lift (I didn't ski or board as I needed to stay with missy Victoria). Charlotte had a ski lesson and I was suprised how well she did. She just loved the instructor :) Mostly he was just teaching her how to start and stop, as u can see in one of the video's, Ted gets pretty excited!! She loved it and looked so cute in her little ski suit (u know how u see those kids at the snow with helmets on twice the size of their bodies, that was Charlotte). Most of the videos are from pretty far away but u get the idea, Charlotte is the one in the purple suit with the orange helmet. Ted also got a few runs in and said the snow was good and there were plenty of runs to keep the likes of he and I occupied. The resort was great as well, they have accommodation ranging from studio apartments to 9 bedroom houses, we checked out a few of the houses they were really nice :) Might be somewhere to head to next winter as well.

Ted went back to work last week, not sure if he actually did any work he said it was pretty slow. Victoria rolled over, from her tummy to her back. Her little boyfriend Jayden can roll from his back to his tummy, I think they need to talk a bit more and teach each other the opposite!! Victoria also had her first bath in the big bath, with Charlotte, of course Charlotte was very keen to help wash her. The older Victoria gets the more I think she is going to crawl/walk sooner rather than later........just to get away from Charlotte!! Victoria is also growing lots, I think she is just over 13lbs now, still short and chubby, but so cute :) Can't wait for u all to meet her in Feb. For those that are not aware, we will leave Virginia Beach on Saturday 5th Feb, and return around the 27th. Hope we can catch up with u in either Brisbane, Sydney or Albury/Wagga/Chiltern.

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