Monday, January 17, 2011

Suprise Party!!

This past weekend the 15th we had a surprise party at our place for a fellow Aussie here in Virginia Beach, and Victoria's Mother In Law...hehe :) Katie (Jayden's Mummy) turned 30!! JT had asked us if he could use our place and Ted and I were more than happy to help out. I asked Katie if she wanted to come over for lunch and then an afternoon of Scrapbooking before JT took her out to dinner, Jayden FREE!! She was very surprised to see that lunch involved about 20 of her friends here in Virginia Beach :) We had a great afternoon, JT did a fantastic job organising the party, yummy food and a great cake (it was the shape of Australia with the flag on it, looked cool). She didn't get her Jayden free night but we were busy scrapbooking after all the guests left so I think that was a good evening anyway!! Charlotte had a ball as there were lots of Helium balloons around and a few little friends to play with, including Kagan the puppy. Victoria and Jayden slept through most of the party. They did however have a bath together (WOOHOO!!) before sleeping in separate rooms!!
Sunday we doggy sat Kagan, again Charlotte had a ball!! Ted took the 2 of them to the park and Kagan decided to follow Charlotte down the slide :) By 7pm both Charlotte and Kagan were passed out asleep :)
Today was a holiday here (Martin Luther King Day) so we went out for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. The food is pretty good but the cakes are to die for!! Speaking of cake, Ted and I couldn't fit in our cake (the meals are so big here no matter where u eat), so we got some to 'take out'!! Might have to go eat that now :)

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