Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting ready to visit Australia

Well no real news from here for the past few weeks, we have all had the flu and are now trying to get better before we head to Australia for a quick visit to show off Miss Victoria :)
We are leaving here on Saturday and hopefully connecting with a flight to Brisbane in LA that evening, flights on staff travel are looking a bit interesting at the moment, so we will have to wait and see. The plan at this stage is to be in Brisbane from the 7th-14th Feb, Albury/Chiltern/Wagga from the 14th-21st Feb and Sydney from the 21st-25th Feb, then maybe a few days in LA on the way home?? Who knows what staff travel has in store for us:)
Pleased to report that Victoria is still growing, she is now 14lb 3oz. We had her 4 month needles at the doctor today :( She is now sleeping poor little bub, she was not happy at all with the nurse that gave her the needles!!
Charlotte is very excited about going on a plane.......lets see how long that lasts.......I bet after the first 20 mins she will be like "are we there yet"!! Hopefully she has taken her Nanna Stroud's advice and will have a big sleep, I can only hope!!
Hopefully we will get to see lots of you in Australia sometime in the next month :)


  1. Grandpa is learning the steps. Should get Charlotte to show me.

    See you all when you arrive in Sydney.

  2. Love the photo that you sent from the hotel after going to DL. A stunning photo. Even if my CD was not the subject it would still be a stunning photo. You should post it on your blog. Is that the correct terminology?