Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chocolate Crackles!!!

We finally made chocolate crackles!!!!!! YUM!!!! For those of you that know how easy it is to make crackles you are probably wondering why I am so excited. Well to start with there is no such thing as copha in this country!!! After a little investigation (as you can imagine there have been lots of other Aussie's that got here and had crackle cravings), we decided the best bet was to use coconut oil in place of the copha. The other issue was the coconut, here you can not buy desiccated coconut, the coconut is shredded and wet, not dry like we use for crackles and lamingtons etc. We overcame this problem by running the shredded stuff through the blender for a minute and it seemed to work ok. Anyway the result was crackles that tasted just as good as we remembered :) Charlotte had 2 in her first sitting and got angry when I wouldn't give her more!!! Ted has been eating them too, so they must be ok as he isn't into real sweet things.
Other news from this week......we have a new addition to the Aussie's in Virginia Beach, our friends JT and Katie had a little baby boy on Friday, Jayden Phillip (lucky they didn't steal our boys name) :) Only 3 and a bit weeks until Baby Budd is due, I have a check up at the OB's tomorrow, hopefully all is going well. I would like more sleep at night but I think that's wishful thinking for at least the next 6 months :) Good news is Katie used the same hospital as I will and she said they were very good, and the food is nice, weird for a hospital.

Ted had a busy Saturday looking after Charlotte as I discovered there was a Scrapbooking Convention on here in Virginia Beach!! After visiting baby Jayden, I spent the rest of the day spending money and doing classes at the convention. I had a great time, but was absolutely exhausted when I got home. Hence Sunday we all stayed home and did not a lot.

I have added a few photos of Charlotte from the play area again, this was this afternoon, Ted finished up at work early so we went for a quick play before dinner. Hope everyone is well :)

P.S. the pic with the boots is just Charlotte being silly in Daddy's boots, thought you would like to see :)

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