Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall in Virginia Beach

Well Fall is here!! The weather is cooling down a bit, I wore jeans today for the 3rd time since we arrived, (it's a shame I still have a little belly and they were maternity jeans!! Ted is laughing at me as I write this....he thinks this is funny, clearly I don't!! Like he can talk, he has put on 5kg since we arrived....oh look at that, he just stopped laughing :) ).
Yesterday we spent some time outside in the front yard, and from previous pictures you would have noticed we have a few trees (if your interested look up our address on google earth, there are so many trees you can't see the house!!), all of which will loose there leaves. Lucky we have a blower!! Anyway, Charlotte had a ball playing in the pile of leaves we raked up for her, see the attached photos.
Today Ted went back to work so it was just me and my 2 girls. We had to do a spot of shopping (nothing exciting, nappies and a few other baby things) and then we had lunch with some friends. It was nice to get out of the house, but at the same time it was raining when we arrived at lunch so I learnt very quickly how difficult it can be to negotiate 2 small children in and out of the car in the rain!! Lucky our friend Toni was watching out for us and came to the rescue......Thanks Toni :)
After we got home I took a cute photo of Charlotte and Victoria together, I was cooking dinner and Charlotte got her step and put it down next to Victoria and told me she was going to sit and read Victoria a story, it was very cute!! Every book started "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess in a high tower............." (Thanks Dora).
Very excited, 2 sleeps till Nanna arrives :) but sad as only 3 sleeps till Daddy leaves :(

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