Friday, November 12, 2010

Another busy week :)

This week was again busy, we had Julieanne arrive late last Friday (a week ago today) and she leaves very early tomorrow morning. We spent 2 nights in Washington DC, as we love the place and thought Julieanne would be interested. So once again we got on the bus and did the tour. There is so much to see that I managed to see a few new things, my favourite was the Air and Space Museum. They have so many cool aircraft on display, including the first ever powered aircraft to fly, it was made and flown by the Wright Brothers in 1901, amazing!! They have lots of fun things for kids to play with as well, even a Cessna 152 hanging from the ceiling for the kids to get into and fly (or at least pretend to). Charlotte had a great time.
The rest of the week we have been just been doing things around the house, nothing much exciting!! Everyone here is getting ready for Thanksgiving, I guess we need to figure out how to cook a Turkey, and Pumpkin Pie, Yum!!! Sunday has kindly given us all her recipes (thank you Sunday :) ) hopefully I am as good a cook as her!!
Victoria is doing well, growing, I weighed her today and she is about 10lbs 8oz now, so at 6 weeks she has reached Harry's birth weight plus 2 oz!! Once again Shell I don't know how you did it :) She now gives smiles all the time, but mostly when she is on her change table looking up at the Noah's Ark Aunty Mel gave us when Charlotte was born. Her hands are constantly trying to touch things like the toys on her play gym, it's amazing how quickly they change from doing nothing. I can't believe it's been 6 weeks already!!

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  1. Oh migod.... i feel so OUCH right now! Thanks for that!! Trust me i know how i did it! And i Know just how i felt for weeks after too- i think i will just go and curl up in a ball and picture something a little less painful. haha
    The Air and Space Museum sounds great :)
    I cant believe miss Victoria is that old already!! haha