Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Hot Man!!

Just a quickie.......(thought you might get a giggle)
We were talking to Charlotte this morning about what she would like for Christmas, the conversation went a little like this.........
Jenn -"Charlotte what do you want for Christmas this year?"
Charlotte - "A Hot Man!"
(I was laughing too hard to say anything at this point)
Ted - "No Charlotte, that's what you get for your 21st birthday!!"
I have absolutely no idea where she would have heard anyone talking about "A Hot Man", Mum and I would never have spoken about such things while she was here!! (by the way Mum, who did we decide was hotter again, McSteamy or McDreamy??)


  1. Oh dear!!!Kids really are very advanced these days!.....Definately McSteamy, but I wouldn't say to to McDreamy - it's always good to dream

  2. Ohhh Miss Charlotte!! Hahahaha
    I can't imagine that Nanna and Mummy would have been talking about Hot Men !!