Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Real Christmas Tree!!

Today we went and got a REAL Christmas Tree :) We didn't bring our tree from Australia, so we figured we would spend the time over here enjoying a real tree!! Charlotte had a ball :) First Charlotte, Victoria and I went to Target (we love target) and got all the decorations, Charlotte picked everything, so it's very colourful. After that we met Ted at the Navy Base where we got the tree and tied it to the roof of the 4WD, thank goodness for big cars in America!! Once home, Ted managed to get it off the roof and into the house, it made a huge mess. Then it was all about decorating!! Have attached some pics for u to see, it's a pretty big tree, we actually had to cut some off the top to fit the star on :) Tomorrows job is the outside lights.........


  1. Your tree looks really great!! It looks much better than the real trees we have here. I have already put up my 2 Christmas Trees, and all the Santa's are out and about around the house.
    We are looking forward to seeing you all here in February, and can't wait to see Charlotte ride Poppy Shocker's horse.!!!!

  2. Wow- looks great! And i must say Charlotte did a fantastic job picking all of the decorations- its just like our one, very colourful!
    I also agree with mum- it looks lots nicer than the real ones you can get here.
    Cant wait to see the outside lights etc. :)