Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dad has arrived!!

Dad is here......but Budd is not!!! We thought it was all happening last Wednesday night, but it eventuated into nothing!!! :(
Dad arrived late on Friday night safe and sound and very tired :) The trip went well, and he didn't have any major delays, so all good. He was kind enough to fill half of his suitcase with Cadbury Chocolate for Charlotte and I, what a good Grandpa :)
After a bit of a sleep in on Saturday we went to the Airshow at the Naval Air Station at Oceana, here in Virginia Beach. We had a ball!! It was a great day, nice and sunny and we saw heaps of different aircraft flying around, including the Blue Angels (for those that don't know the Blue Angels are the US Navy F/A-18 Hornet aerobatic team). It got a bit noisy for Charlotte and she got a bit bored, lucky we took her new "Doctor Kit" (a present from Grandpa). We all went home very tired and a little sun burnt.
Other than the excitement of the airshow we have had a pretty boring week, just waiting, not so patiently for Budd to arrive.
Hope all is well back home in Australia :)

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