Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday 26th

Still no Baby:(

Had an interesting weekend, watched the AFL Grand Final with some of the other Aussies here in Virginia, and was left feeling a little disappointed that there was no result. Also feeling the pressure now to get this baby delivered before the replay next week!!
Today Ted cooked up a nice Brunch of Bacon and eggs and then we took Dad to the Oceanfront. It has been pretty overcast all day, but it was nice to be a bit cooler for a change. We had lunch on the boardwalk and then Charlotte did some more dancing to the live band that was playing for the Neptune Festival. We had a nice afternoon out and about even took a ride on a bike for a bit (don't worry I made Dad and Ted do most the pedaling), figured that it had to be better than sitting at home for another day waiting............
Fingers crossed the next blog we have a new Bub!!!


  1. sounds like you had a great day. We are waiting, waiting waiting.......surely
    can't be much longer??!!!!
    PS loved the painting from Princess, or should I say Queen Charlotte

  2. Hi Jenn, we're thinking of you and I totally understand what you are going through as Ethan was 6 days late. Wishing you as easy and quick a labour as possible and hoping budd is a typical lazy but healthy boy that isn't in a hurry to come out. Comparing with people I know it is more common for boys to be late and girls to be early, fingers crossed.