Friday, June 18, 2010

3 sleeps to go!!

Well we have now offically left the house at Little Bay, and we are both feeling alot less stressed. It's been a pretty busy week and time has flown by, can't believe the weekend is here already!! Charlotte had her last day at Active Kids today, the ladies made here a great big card and gave her a signature bear they all wrote on, seems like they liked her :) Miss Pauline also spoilt her with a new Dora Doll, as you can imagine this was a huge hit. I'm sure sometime next week Charlotte will ask when she will see Miss Pauline again, she will definately miss all the ladies at Active kids, who knows maybe in 2 years we will take her back there!!
Ted and I have spent the week dealing with Removalists, and eating massive amounts of takeaway food (just getting ready for the USA). I was so desparate to have vegies tonight, I think even Charlotte was happy to see green trees (for those of you without kids thats Brocoli). All seems to have gone well, we forgot a few things here and there, but nothing we can't live without. The appartment we are staying in is jam packed full of suitcases and other bits and pieces that we have to give to dad or mum & shell before we leave. Now I just have to figure out how to fit it all in the suitcases. We still have the X-trail too if anyone knows someone who wants it!!
I think Charlotte seems to be catching onto the idea of Baby Budd (even though some days I'm having Baby Jesus according to her!!). Budd has been moving around alot and kicking quite violently, (he/she must be practicing for the world cup in 2030). I tried to get charlotte to feel yesterday but she was too slow, maybe tomorrow. Lately when I ask she tells me it's a girl baby, I wonder if she is right??
Still don't have many photos from the party, please send some if you have them.
Hope you all have a good weekend :)

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