Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to the USA!!

We are here!! Well LA anyway :)
The flight was long but comfortable in Business class, the A380 was amazingly quite. Charlotte had maybe 4 hrs sleep, I got maybe 2 hrs and Ted I don't think managed any :( Food was good and all the crew were nice and helpful, nothing was to hard (unlike the lady at check-in!!). Charlotte lost it a bit on descent but I think it was mostly because she couldn't watch Dora for the 10th time in 13 hrs!!
We have now arrived at the hotel in Santa Monica, it's nice too, we are all hanging out to get into bed but trying to stay awake for a little while. It's 1520 here and 0820 there, we are now a day behind which is weird, as is driving on the right side of the road. All the Americans have been very helpful and friendly so far, when we pulled up for lunch a guy even told us he had a few hours left on his meter if we wanted to park in that spot and use it, how nice.
Anyway we are here and safe, hope all is well in Oz :)


  1. So glad to Here you have arrived safely. We are still in Sydney . Not sure if we will be going home today ? See how NANNA is and help aunty Carmel a bit!
    I have a new walmart email from JONO that I will have to fwd to u.... It's hilarious! How are you fat ankles?? Did ur stockings go ok? Did baby budd enjoy trip? Talk soon

  2. Hi Jenn, It's 11pm here on Tues night and I have just arrived home. Nanna came hiome from hospital this afternoon. She still didn't look too good, but they say it's not her heart, and we just have to wait and see if she has any more turns!!!I got your message re Rego papers, do you need to sign them, before you send them?
    Did your legs swell much? Give Charlotte a kiss for me. Am hoping you will be on Skype soon!!!