Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The new car!!

WOW!! We picked up the new car today, see the photos, I think Charlotte was pretty excited :)
It's nothing real special but nice to drive and plently of room for all the visitors we will have over the next few years.
Ted is very pleased with himself as he has achieved a lot in the last 48hrs, mostly admin. We now have the car, and insurance (yet to get the plates from the DMV, apparently this can take hrs and is not fun, sounds just like the RTA). He also got his US Navy ID card and a social security number, opened a new bank account so we can transfer money between here and there, and new prepaid phones to keep us going until we can get our iPhones on a plan here. He even managed to get a hair cut :)
We are still looking for a house, starting to think this might take a while. We are being a little picky :) Did find a huge place on the net tonight that even has a pier, hopefully we will get to see it in the next few days.
Charlotte has been very busy spotting squirels, yesterday she saw one and was yelling at Ted "Daddy, Daddy a mouse!!" Ted's response was "yeah Charlotte, whatever!!" Then it dawned on him, a mouse!!! When he went to check sure enough it was a squirel. (I have updated Charlotte's identification criteria (Squirel Investigate Procedure) and we are confident that the correct ID will be made in future! Ted). Ted and Charlotte also went swimming this afternoon in the pool at the appartment, the fuuny suit Charlotte is wearing is the costume that Ted purchased for her at the NEX (Naval Exchange Store) today (can't believe he went shopping without me!!)
Tomorrow I see the OB (hehe) hopefully he is nice. Depending on where we end up living it might be a bit of a drive, but if he seems good it might be worth it. One of the other Aussie girls is pregnant as well and said she can give me her doctors details if I need, they are in a different part of town that might be closer. Budd has been kicking me heaps, Charlotte even felt him/her the day before yesterday, think it freaked her out a bit!! Not looking forward to the next few months, the weather is meant to get hotter and that won't do my cankles any favours!! It has just started raining here now, tomorrow is meant to be cooler, fingers crossed!!


  1. Nice car........House sounds nice too! Send us the link for us to have a look at.
    Great to catch up last night.
    Keep those cankles up and stay out of the heat please!!!!!

  2. Things are really happening over there. Get some rest when you can, as Charlotte does, lucky girl.