Friday, June 11, 2010

9 days to go!!

Well only 9 days to go until we fly out to the US, I know I'm starting to get a bit nervous, not sure Ted has had time too, he spent the week at sea. Nanna Stroud came to stay in Sydney for the week to help out with Charlotte, and spoilt her, as all Nanna's should :)
We only have a few days left in the house at Little Bay (thank goodness) as the removalist will be there most of next week and defence pay for us to stay in an appartment. Still feeling very disorganised as they don't want us to pack anything before they arrive on Tuesday.
Today is also my last day at work for 2 years, and I'm writting on my blog..........maybe I should be working?? Thankfully there isn't much to do at this stage, hopefully it stays that way until midday when I finish!! (after typing this I had 2 sick calls!!).
Charlotte has only a few days left at daycare, I think they are going to miss her, I know she will miss them :) We had a very successful week potty training and yesterday we were out and about all day without a nappy on, and no accidents, she is such a big girl now!!
This afternoon and tomorrow most of the family arrive for our little farewell party tomorrow night, Charlotte can't wait to see Brayden and Harry, it will be fun to see them run around for the last time in a while .
I suppose I better do some work now, hopefully I we will see most of you before we head off on the 21st :)

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