Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ted here.... its my turn to write a bit! Today was very exciting. Jenn got to drive on the wrong side of the road for the first time! When I say "wrong side of the road", I mean, right side of the road.... ie the correct side for America! I wasn't filled with confidence when she got into the car and said "where is the steering wheel?" Yesterday when I drove I was very careful having just got off a 13 hour flight and being extremely tired..... but not Jenn! After turning one corner she was on the I-10 at 65 miles an hour with a huge smile on her face, cars going past in all directions! See the pictures for proof!

I think it will take a while for both of us to get used to cars merging from the right! Nothing has changed for Charlotte in the car except she is now sitting on the other side. As you can see from her photo she is very comfortable.... some things never change!

We drove to Hollywood for a look around..... Charlotte loved the stars on the pavement and tried to count them... she stopped after 20 as it was more fun to jump on the stars than to count them! Initially Charlotte didn't like the Shrek figure at Madam Tussauds, but after looking at it a second time and seeing that it hadn't moved she decided that she liked Shrek and was happy to pose for a photo or two.

Now we are back in the DoubleTree hotel in Santa Monica having just had a nice dinner in the restaurant. Jenn and Charlotte had a swim this afternoon while I made a few work phone calls... and we have some more good news.... Lynne has sold the X-trail for us! That means both cars are now sold and we can start looking for some replacement vehicles over here. Nice work Lynne! One day and you did what we couldn't in two months!

Thats all for today. Tomorrow we check out of our hotel and head to the Stamford at the airport... hopefully we will get there before the Australia Serbia world cup game.... go Socceroos!


  1. Way to go Jenn!
    Is that a tattoo Charlotte has acquired on her arm?

  2. More like the tattoo that won't come off!! Haha :)
    wow it was so kool to skype today ..... Harry was so excited!!
    So funny about Jenn driving!
    Love the photos!!
    Great news about car .... :)
    how is baby budd?
    Missing you guys heaps