Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Birthday!!

Well today was weird as it was my birthday here but there yesterday..........anyway thankyou to everyone that sent birthday wishes, I had an interesting day. Started out with Pancakes and strawberries for breakfast and then we went to have a 'quick look' at a car that I had seen on the internet that I liked. That was about 10am, at 4pm we arrived back at the appartment having spent the entire day with a car salesman who drove us (or let us drive) around to look at all different cars. In the end we decided that we were looking at a pretty good deal with the original car we had gone to see, so we bought it!!! (Nice birthday present I know) It's a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, so bigger than the X-trail, with 7 seats for all the visitors we will have over the next 2 years. It's pretty big, but compared to some of the trucks over here it's small!!! I'll put some photos on when we pick it up on Tuesday. Charlotte was very happy as there was a special seat for Brayden (the 3rd row!!). Once again on the way home from the car dealer Charlotte fell asleep (another photo for the collection).

Tonight we went to a BBQ at another Aussie couples place (Danny has a massive Truck with the licence plates AUS5IE. Plates are only $10 here, what a bargain, I have to decide what to get??). Everyone was really nice and Charlotte got to play with a few other kids. She saw fireflies for the 1st time, that was pretty cool. They are very slow and you can catch them in a jar, we will have to do that sometime!! She also played baseball (see photos) or as she was calling it "football" :) She had a great time and didn't want to leave :( Hope everyone is well back in Oz :)

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