Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 Sleeps to go!!

Today we have guys going crazy packing all our stuff for storage, yesterday they took all the stuff for the USA, this is really happening now :)
Thankfully Charlotte has been unaware of most of whats going on, she is too excited about sleeping in her new big bed at the apartment (and it's a very big bed, she takes up about a quarter of the king size bed, Dora, Waggy and Sherlock about the same!!)
Thanks to all that made it to our little farewell function at HMAS Watson on Saturday night, we had a great time and hope that u all enjoyed yourself too. I have seen a few photos dad took but if anyone else got some good ones can u please send them to our email so we can have a look. Also big thanks to all the lovely people that gave us gifts, for both going away and my birthday, we were very spoilt, so thank you very much. Nathan & Jo, thanks for my 'Tiffany' bookmark (how exciting Tiffany!!), I shall use it my favourite Baby book, Save our Sleep!! I had a quick read through the Lonely planet guide too, sounds like we are moving to an interesting place, if u like drunken sailors and fast jets!! I think I shall feel very much at home :)
Looks like we may be finished with the packing today, so tomorrow we have a fun day of cleaning ahead.....can't wait.
P.S. The curtains in this house look even more stylish when there is nothing else around :)

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  1. Glad to hear all is going well. Sorry I haven't called this week.....just a touch busy but will call over the weekend.
    Thank you for a great weekend again. You will be pleased to know that life with TIVO is great....Jason is obsessed!!! It is not great for time management....watching Home and Away later confuses my body clock!!!!
    Check out my blog for some great photos of Charli.
    Love you all